Filbrandt Private Trust

Trust Services via Filbrandt Private Trust

Unique family or estate circumstances can call for trusts or other legal structures. Filbrandt Private Trust, which is chartered to operate in all 50 states, can act as a corporate trustee. Additionally, since the family relationship stays within Filbrandt & Company, we can offer a more personalized service than would a more institutional provider like a bank. We also have the capability to hold “alternative” investments within trusts.

Filbrandt Private Trust integrates seamlessly with comprehensive planning provided by Filbrandt & Company. A client doesn’t need to change investment philosophy, asset management style, or portfolio holdings. Clients are able to maintain current professional relationships with attorneys and accountants.

Key roles of a corporate trustee include:

     • Following guidelines in handling the specific circumstances of each request for funds from trust beneficiaries

     • Legal interpretation of the language in the document

     • Gathering appropriate input from family members

     • Conformance with appropriate and applicable state trust codes

     • Experienced and unbiased trust administration is a vital component to implementing an estate plan

Filbrandt Private Trust is a Trust Representative Office (TRO) of National Advisors Trust Company, FSB (NATC). NATC was established, and is jointly owned, by a group of more than 170 independent financial advisors. For more specifics on trusts and their advantages, watch this video.