Estate Planning


Common questions:

  • What is a POA?
  • How do I avoid probate?
  • Do I need a trust?
  • Who do I want to benefit?

The Filbrandt Advantage:©

  • Determines what you want to accomplish
  • Organizes asset records and designates beneficiaries
  • Plans your legacy transfer

Effective estate planning means having control of your assets.

As a professor, you likely have several people and institutions for which you care deeply; a spouse, partner, children, grandchildren, university, start-up company, or charity. In the event of your death, you may have specific wishes for those people and institutions.

However, simply having a will or a trust in place does not mean that those wishes will be carried out.

Estate planning is a process that requires a “bottom-up” approach which begins by determining your goals. From there, a number of arrangements need to be made for assets and property to ensure your wishes are honored. Filbrandt & Company will assist in identifying and implementing the proper legal and financial vehicles necessary to achieve those goals. We want to prevent the process from becoming too overwhelming for our clients.

A comprehensive approach is essential in estate planning. We will make certain that actions taken to achieve your estate goals do not conflict with your retirement and financial goals.

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